Buying or selling
your home?

I dreamt of Bella Casa Realty nearly 8 years before opening the doors in 2001. I have lived in the Central Valley for most of my life and love the community like family. Helping families with finding their perfect home is everything to me. See their eyes light up and their sense of pride still gets me every time. After experiencing homelessness as a child there are no words to describe what it means for me to help people buy their dream home. Bella Casa Realty has always put clients first and has grown for 20 years on referrals from our incredible clients and their family and friends.

Living in the Central Valley it became only natural to step into Ag real estate. I started California Valley Ag & Real Estate nearly a decade ago opening my eyes to the remarkable world of agriculture. Business in my book is built with people you can trust and the relationships I’ve built in this industry have enriched my life forever.

I want to buy
a home.

I want to Sell
a home.


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